Solving an impediment to potable water access

Oak Rural Health continues to ensure we work with local community members like Korukoru village in Akinyele local government area of Oyo state Nigeria. Bringing the problem of lack of access to potable water to an end remains our priority in this village. Recall that a borehole was constructed for the villagers in the past year. During our routine visit to project sites for project impact and monitoring, the representative of the community after usual expression of appreciation for the relief they have with the water, hinted us that the volume of water they get from the borehole is very small and it is far below expected volume that can serve the village. In response to the challenge, we took our engineer was to the installation to assess the situation and advise on what we can do to resolve the issue. After assessment, it was discovered that there is a possibility of backfill because of the soil type and there will be a need to flush the borehole and reinforce the inner casing all through the depth of the hole. We have arranged for a meeting with the community to discuss how we can jointly find a lasting solution so they can continue to enjoy the water like before. We need your financial commitment in this regard more than before. Your donations will help put the hardship in this community to an end. Please donate through this below link: (Copy the link above and paste in your browse)