About Us

Oak rural health Organization(Oak Rural Health) is a humanitarian organization that was established in 2017 and registered with the Nigerian corporate affairs commission(CAC) in 2018.

We work with partners and individuals, especially the community groups to make healthcare services accessible to the rural underserved communities. We influence community behaviors towards attaining and maintaining a level of health which makes them independent and productive within their settlements.

We do this by relating directly with the community members, listen to their voices on difficult access to healthcare services, identify potential risks to their health, and encourage their active participation in activities that mitigate the risks, thus promoting their healthy living.

We engage in humanitarian approaches to deal with issues bothering on the components of primary healthcare system. Considering the principle of "health is wealth", we plan and implement programs and projects with high impact potential on both health and economic empowerment of the beneficiaries.

Oak Rural


To be an internationally recognized grassroots health advocate. To reduce rural mortality, increase access to healthcare services and ensure a rural healthy and productive lives.

Oak Rural


To provide access to healthcare services, mitigate potential risks to healthy living in rural communities and engage in programs that consider the community members themselves as stakeholders in proffering solutions to their health needs so as to create a sustainable impact.

Oak Rural


  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Non-discrimination

Though we are small, but our values are big!

Our Approach

Oak Rural Health takes a broad approach to health as being a "state of complete physical, mental and social well-being", viewing rural(primary) health as the most important tier of health sector which needs active participation of all stakeholders. We believe that both human and material resources for development of any nation lies within the Rural communities. Thus, the need to keep our Rural communities safe and healthy as much as possible. We take unique approaches to health through community/health outreaches, health programs implementation with interest in children, pregnant women and the aged, health screening and referrals, community mobilization and education, provision of potable water for health and economic empowerment.